Achievable Sustainability Goals for 2020

No more waiting for the right time! The time for action is NOW! If January has showed us anything, it is that no one can escape the horrifying consequences of climate change. From the floods in our capital city, while a whole continent burned for months. It was hard to be positive about the fate of our earth for months and years to come. I love the quote “ The Greatest Threat To Our Planet is the Belief That Someone Else Will Save It” not to put any heavy burden on you reading this. But we cannot sit and wait until the government or big companies to provide us with the solutions. But I think if we all start to do something today, our actions will compound to something huge for everyone. 

Use Ecosia

Saving the world should be easy right? Just by taking a minute to switch your search engine you can help fund forest restorations, local communities worldwide and having the answers to your random daily curiosity. At the beginning of using the app, you would want slowly as the tree counter go up, after a few months your forget it’s there then BOOM you past 1000 on your tree counter. Thats roughly 22 trees with no effort at all. I love to share this to my friends and family because there are still people that have never heard of it. If I’m using a friend’s computer, I would usually ask their permission to let me switch their browser history. This is the best way for everyone to contribute with the barest minimal effort. 

Eat less meat

I’m not advising you to go fully vegan overnight. This is for those who are just looking for a way to reduce their carbon footprint and to have fun in the kitchen.Trying vegan recipes for a day in the week, would not only be beneficial for the environment but it will get you experimenting in the kitchen. There are tons of videos and recipes on how to make a vegan meal or even a veganized your favorite meal. Because trust me, when you have the right recipe for a vegan burger, you wouldn’t even miss beef burgers. Just like trying our a different country’s cuisine. Plant-based food is a type of cuisine of it’s own. So just keep an open mind, chuck the recipes you hate and archive the one you love.

Find your personal style

Why is this important to achieve your sustainability goals? If your wardrobe is filled with timeless high quality pieces, you wouldn’t urge to go shopping often, especially for fast fashion. Having durable pieces that are in a variety of styles and colors but at the same time the pieces still goes together. It gives countless variations with limited amount of items.
I love that the newest collection from liberty society does just that! All the pieces go together and it is a great addition to your wardrobe, as the pieces are so versatile. As someone living with a capsule wardrobe, items like these are the ones you want for an ethical closet. 

Pick stuff with less packaging

Other than being more healthy, because most processed food comes in packaging. You can enjoy the endless variety of the fruits and vegetables. The easiest way to get your produce package free is to go to your local market with your reusable bags and containers so you won’t need the plastic they offer. For me, the key tip to making this work is to have a shopping list of what you want to get. Therefore you know how much bags you would need. Even better if you come in with the exact amount you need for your recipes because it will also cut down your chances in producing food waste.

Always bring a cutlery

Always be prepared for the day ahead of you!
The key to reducing your waste is to always come prepared. Bring a water bottle everyone, a small one thats light and fits inside your bag. Keep a folded tote bag to whip out when you’re out and about. A pouch with your cutleries and straws in case the restaurant you went to only provide plastic cutleries, plus points if you bring a container with you to put your leftovers in.

Take public transportation

Taking the public transportation is actually easier that you may think. If you are living in Jakarta the app traffi helps you find buses and routes to your destination. It is super affordable, it reduces your carbon footprint and takes one less car off the streets. If you are working an office job it will also get you moving in the day as you would have to walk and stand for a short period of your day. My advice is, don’t knock it till you try it.

Join a local NGO

There is so many ways to contribute to your local NGO. You can donate to support their cause or you can volunteer on their next project. There is so many categories of local NGOs you can support from those who help kids get better education to environmental NGOs that host clean ups. The choices are endless. Doing a quick search on ecosia or instagram and you will find activities and organizations happening in your community or city. 

Vote with your money

Big companies listen to what the customer are saying. By choosing what we want our money to go is indirectly telling the companies to listen. Choose products that is better for the environment, though sometimes this might come with a higher price tag, but by increasing our demand, we could be able to reduce the production cost. Making it more accessible for everyone in the future.
Fossil fuels companies are decreasing in market values because more people are switching to renewable energy. Even a lot of fast fashion companies are starting to make initiative to recycle their post-consumer waste and start switching to a more eco-friendly material. 

Join a Friday’s for you Future Strike

If you see that your local community is hosting a climate strike like the Friday’s for our Future. Make it a point to yourself to join! I had the opportunity to join one last year and nothing is better than holding up a poster high up in the air while chanting “Climate action NOW!” With like minded people around you. It reminds you that you are not in the journey alone and there are so many people in your community that cares and are as passionate as your about our home.

Hopefully these ideas could get you started on your Sustainability Journey. I hope that these are applicable and an easy addition to your daily routine. I believe that everyone should be optimistic that the world will turn for the better and we will be able to save it before it’s too late. 

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